Along with his success on the field, Correa is also thrilled about what’s going on in his personal life.

When he proposed to girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez on the field not long after Houston’s Game 7 win in the World Series, the couple became internet darlings, with video of the proposal being shared thousands of times.

Several months after that moment, Correa still beams when it’s brought up and raves about his relationship with the former Miss Texas.

It’s beautiful, he said. I’m a happy man. I get off the field and I look forward to seeing my fiancee and my dog and spending time with them. That’s just who I am. I don’t like to go out. I like to just eat, sleep, play baseball and spend time with my family.

We haven’t yet seen 3×3 in the Olympics, so we don’t know what kind of reception it will receive. Odds are, though, it will be completely overshadowed by 5-on-5 men’s basketball, at least in the United States. LeBron, Durant, and Anthony Davis facing off against Joel Embiid’s Cameroon or Luka Doncic’s Slovenia or Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Greece or Kristaps Porzingis’ Latvia or Ben Simmons’ Australia … or guys you’ve never heard of in a sport you’ve only watched retired NBA stars play?

Ah yes, the BIG3, one of the most surprising breakout stars of 2017. The BIG3 is essentially a domestic 3×3 men’s league populated by retired or fringe NBA players. It did surprisingly well on TV in its debut season. The quality of players for Season 2 is rising dramatically, though nearly all have still aged out of the NBA. If anything will build thirst for competitive 3×3 basketball in the United States, it will be BIG3 … not the Olympic version of the sport. (This is where I acknowledge that this argument and plea is fairly America-centric.)

Drury could start at either spot. Although he spent most of his time at second base last year with the Diamondbacks, he also has seen time at third base, as well as in left and right field.

Souza hit .239 with 30 homers and 78 RBIs in 148 games last year with Tampa Bay. He adds another bat for an Arizona club looking to replace the offense of J.D. Martinez, who has agreed to a deal with the Boston Red Sox.

Ray is already a star in points leagues; now he’s elite. He’s an intriguing player on a granular basis. He has the unique ability to limit contact yet what he allows is among the league leaders in hard contact. You’d think missing so many bats would render more soft contact. If this trend holds, and the previous hard contact drops, Ray’s hits could fall even more than others. bears_007

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