Will the NFL now have a charging rule?

The NFL has passed a sweeping prohibition on the lowering of the helmet to initiate contact, but it has provided no details whatsoever to the media or fans (and very few to the teams) regarding the application and enforcement of the rule. Many questions will need to be answered over the next few months, and plenty of potentially unintended consequences may arise.
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Here’s a possible unintended consequence about which the league should be very concerned: Some coaches may try to get players to, essentially, take a charge.

The Brewers’ new-look outfield got off to a fast start this season. Lorenzo Cain is the first player in Brewers history with at least nine hits and no strikeouts over the team’s first four games of a season.
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The Rockies may have made the best move of the young season so far, reaching a contract extension with reigning NL batting champion Charlie Blackmon that will keep him under team control through 2021 (with player options for 2022 and ’23). Blackmon led the majors in hits, runs and triples last season, also crushing 37 home runs. He was also the first player since Duke Snider in 1954 with at least 35 homers, 35 doubles and 10 triples in a single season. — Casella

If I had to say one thing how do we do it better, I would say I hope at some point we expand the rosters to get even Ryan McDonagh Jersey bigger, Quinn said. No pressure if a guy is out to say, ‘OK, here’s another guy that’s up.’ So 46 is good. And maybe in years to come, 10 years from now when we’re sitting here, ‘OK, remember back in the day when you had 46 guys?’ Maybe it goes to 50 or something along those lines and gets more opportunities for guys because without a developmental league, we’re hopeful that maybe the roster size gains by a few spots, that we can incorporate that. And I think it’d be safer, too, to have more guys available to play.

Quinn’s idea makes sense, and it’s actually a little surprising that NFL owners haven’t expanded the game day rosters already. After all, the owners are paying the players anyway, so why not make them all available to take the field?