Roger Brown had six of those, one of which resulted in a safety.

“Sometimes he talks all the way up until 15 seconds, sometimes he talks for five seconds, sometimes he talks for 10 seconds — it all varies,” Goff said. “Just like every other quarterback in the league, it stops at 15 seconds and we’re on the play.”

Big on Campus : We usually ‘t single out players from teams who lost for this honor, but the best effort we saw this past weekend came from Wisconsin receiver Abbrederis.Karlsson appears likely to get the nod to at least start Hertl’s spot for Game 4 as well as DeBoer indicated Monday that he’d prefer to leave Couture with his regular linemates.Thon, I’m looking for you coming soon.’45, we went to the T-formation with the same four the backfield.His wife Greene broke bother her legs and arm the incident, with the pair getting engaged just weeks later and marrying the following year.Especially given that it’s a bit surprising to him that he’s even this position to be drafted the first round at all.

It kind of helped me keep stuff perspective, Humphries said.Gyro’s comfort factor heading into training is significantly higher than it was a year ago, when he arrived Florida as the newbie who knew only a few of the Cardinals players.If it’s too true, lately we’ve been reminded of it too often.I have no respect for him, said -Green.Say it again.

While sacks weren’t an official stat until 1982, historians of the game credit the Lions with 11 sacks.

The Lions were going into overtime in 1998 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, where Jerome Bettis would call for heads or tails on the coin toss.

Bettis alleges he called for tails, and it was tails. But referee Phil Luckett rewarded the Lions with the ball, claiming that Bettis had called “heads-tails” instead.

Stuckey drives past New York Knicks’ Alexey Shved last .He’s really good.The Titans signed LB Woodyard to a 4-year, $16 million deal Friday.orioles_013