the NFL confirmed its investigation would continue to determine if he violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

His travel with the team to London was an encouraging sign; his upgrade to full practice sessions Thursday and Friday without a setback was even better. Still, it might be a stretch to have high expectations for Diggs in his first game back since the injury.

Jerick McKinnon, RB, Minnesota Vikings: For the fourth time in his past nine regular-season games, McKinnon exceeded the 20-point PPR fantasy plateau, his 26.2 in fact falling just four-tenths of a point shy of his personal best set three weeks ago (26.6, Week 5). It was quite the rebound for the running back, who struggled to the tune of 8.7 points in Week 7.

“Make it hard,” Khan asks politely, and Leanne starts walking him through the poses—Downward Dog, Swan Dive, Warrior One. Khan takes deep breaths as he contorts himself. He closes his eyes and tries to meditate, even though he’s surrounded by sounds of the city, cranes and machinery clanging in the distance. The yacht is docked on the Thames, in Canary Wharf, near the East London financial district, which is fitting, considering the boat’s owner.

In addition to Elliott’s suit, the NFLPA has filed for a restraining order to block any suspension for Elliott.

The City’s Attorney Office, Prosecutor Division in Columbus, Ohio, released a statement saying it would not pursue domestic violence charges against Elliott “primarily due to conflicting and inconsistent information.” The prosecutor’s office reviewed the police report, witness statements, affidavits, medical records, photographs, and text messages.

“It is not enough simply to avoid being found guilty of a crime,” the personal conduct policy states. “We are all held to a higher standard and must conduct ourselves in a way that is responsible, promotes the values of the NFL, and is lawful.”

Only Caris LeVert has posted a true shooting percentage below 54 percent among Nets regulars.

Now it is Ortiz who marvels at Rodriguez, for his quick post-baseball transition to budding mogul. His broadcasting is only one of his many ventures, and Ortiz wants to follow Rodriguez’s lead.

Jameis Winston, QB, Buccaneers: An AC joint sprain in his right shoulder caused him to chip in only limited practices on Wednesday and Thursday, but Winston put in a full Friday session and was cleared to play on Sunday.

Unfortunately, his performance hinted he played at less than full strength, as he scored 3.70 fantasy points, his worst single-game score in any of the 38 career games in which he played at least 50 snaps — he had 2.44 in Week 6, when he played 15 snaps before leaving with the same injury, the only time he scored worse or played fewer snaps. Winston next faces the New Orleans Saints, once a great matchup for a quarterback but now a defense that has limited opposing quarterbacks to a combined 50.64 fantasy points in its past five games.

Not in defense of his comment specifically, but something along the lines of he said a dumb thing but he also does good things. The ownership/union relationship has been contentious across the league, but perhaps this serves as a lesson for owners to have a little more of a human touch with the players on their team.

Latavius Murray, RB, Vikings: Where McKinnon succeeded, Murray disappointed, converting his 19 carries and 20 total touches into just 5.7 PPR fantasy points on Sunday. With it, Murray has now averaged 3.2 yards per carry this season, a significant drop-off from his 4.1 career mark.

The gutsy win over Cleveland on Wednesday had the feel of a franchise-turning moment, but the good vibes faded as the Nets laid an egg over the bridge at the Garden on Friday night. Still, the Nets are shooting the ball exceptionally well in the early going.

Here’s some brave analysis: Antetokounmpo is producing at a historically unsustainable rate.

Texans receiver Will Fuller has seven touchdowns this season on just 13 receptions, adding five catches for 125 yards and two touchdowns in Sunday’s 41-38 shootout loss in Seattle. Fuller has the fewest receptions to get to seven touchdowns since 1991. His 59-yard score on Sunday gave him an NFL-best four touchdowns of 20 yards or more.

Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson threw for 402 yards with four touchdowns and 67 rushing yards to become the first player in NFL history to throw for over 400 yards with four touchdown passes and 50 or more rushing yards in a single game.

Bamba, the No. 6 player in the 2017 ESPN 100, is the definition of a blue-chip recruit. His physical gifts include a 7-foot-9 wingspan on a 6-foot-11 frame. He’s an elite defender but more skilled offensively than most with a similar physical makeup.

The C’s found their footing with a 3-0 week, as they continue to navigate life without Gordon Hayward. The Celtics still rank below league average in offensive efficiency, but a second-ranked defense should keep them in the mix at the top of the conference. Brad Stevens has called on rookie Jayson Tatum and he has continued to deliver, averaging 18 points on a true shooting percentage of 76.5 for the week.

The chance of ever going back to four full-time cars looks slim, but Newmark won’t close the door on any possibility. “Jack would rather run 10 cars; he would run as many cars as he would be enabled,” Newmark joked. “It really will depend exactly on the driver, sponsorship, and then now you also have to have a charter, so I don’t think we would run a (fourth) full-time, but you never know.”

Two full weeks into the season and the the Raptors are in full Raptor mode.

Khan is standing on the field near the endzone, waiting to do an interview with Sky Sports, when he spots Steve Bisciotti, the owner of the Ravens. Bisciotti breaks into a big smile walks over, grabbing at an invisible ponytail on the back of his head. He’s surprised by Khan’s haircut. “It was a crime, Steve! It was a crime,” Khan says chuckling, as they embrace.

And I like Trevathan—the way he plays, the man he is. Hits like that simply must get a major sanction, to ensure the players and the public know that helmet-to-helmet car crashes simply won’t be tolerated, no matter whether they’re intentional or not.

They’ve won each of the three games they entered as the favorite, and have lost both contests in which they were the underdog, including a couple of road tilts this week at San Antonio and Golden State. Some good news: The Raps are getting quality production from young big men Pascal Siakam and Jakob Poeltl.

Folks, we have controversy! Ohio State’s Denzel Ward appears to have secured an amazing interception in the end zone. Or was it actually Penn State’s DeAndre Thompkins who made a sick, one-handed touchdown catch on a 37-yard pass before falling to the turf intertwined with Ward? Both had their hands on the ball and both claimed possession.

Common sense suggests the Dolphins will manage at least a few carries near the end zone in the second half, but considering that they rank dead last with an average of 1.3 offensive touchdowns per game, there may not be many. Expect Kenyan Drake and Damien Williams to struggle for touchdowns in the second half.

Here’s what happened, as it was explained to me. On Friday, Rodgers-Cromartie left a recovery period early, and on Sunday, he left the bench area in the second half unannounced, before returning a short time later.

The Week 8 bye came at a perfect time for Mariota to heal and regain the mobility that sets him apart.

After Monday’s trade, Occam’s razor suggests none of that to be true. The Patriots weren’t going to be able to slap the franchise tag on Garoppolo because of their needs on defense as cornerback Malcolm Butler hits free agency. Belichick doesn’t appear to think Garoppolo is his quarterback of the future, because if he thought Garoppolo was going to be a franchise passer for the next decade, the same guy who has kicked every other Patriots legend out the door would have moved on from Brady this offseason.

In a scheduling quirt, the Titans have three-game clusters against foes from the AFC North (Baltimore, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh) and NFC West (Arizona, San Francisco and Los Angeles) between their three remaining AFC South matchups.

There’s a lot of athletes out there making a s—load of money, you look at them and they’re straight up a——- . What is the reason for that? You live through the fans. Your family, yourself, your wife, kids, you guys are who you guys are because the fans pay for it. If the fan don’t give a s— about what we do, you don’t have a career, period. Why you gotta be an a——?

I hate when we see athletes handling themselves that way. Like their s— don’t stink. I don’t like that. So, Aaron Judge is one of those guys who is doing everything the right way. And I love that.”

It’s pointed out that Ortiz hasn’t really addressed Judge’s baseball talent. He is more concise on that topic: “Power? Aw, s—. Don’t get me wrong, I got pop when I played. But this guy’s power is just not human, to be honest with you.”

The Cowboys played about as sloppily and ineffectively as they could without being the Cleveland Browns on Sunday

There’s another reason he moved. It’s hard being a city’s hero, especially one who rarely says no to anybody. “In Boston, man, I have no private life over there. I don’t blame people, but you know what I’m saying? Miami is a little slower.”

The 43-year-old Burkhardt—whose persona also seems identical off-screen and on, that of your best buddy from back home in Jersey, except with monogrammed dress shirts and great hair—has spent just three weeks with Ortiz, but he can already see what the Red Sox are missing.

DiRico returned to Kutztown to finish his teaching degree, eventually switched fields and became a business development representative for Aiphone, a company that makes video security systems and other telecommunications products.

“The decision of where to go to college isn’t just a four-year decision, it’s a 40-year decision,” says Vincent, a Maroons captain. “I knew I was going to be able to play football wherever I went, so it was more about, what can I get besides football?”

Senior running back and captain Chandler Carroll, Chicago’s second all-time leading rusher, already has a job lined up at J.P. Morgan after graduation. “Being able to go to school, come to football, and then go to career info sessions, or meeting with companies, that’s what separates UChicago from the rest,” Carroll says. “A day in the life: You wake up early if you have lifting, go to class, come out for football, then you quick change into a suit and tie go to an interview after practice.”

The Cowboys played about as sloppily and ineffectively as they could without being the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, and yet, they entered halftime with a 14-13 lead. Sometimes, that’s the way things go in this weird-yet-amazing sport.

Khan grabs a cup of coffee and circles the room, mingling with his guests.

People are helping themselves to the “Mimosa Bar,” the “Blood Mary Bar” and the vast assortment of food options.

Over and over in the day or two after my tendon snapped, the same words kept coming into my mind: “Move the drill.”

I thought of those words Sunday night, processing the injury. I thought of them when the pain woke me up Monday morning, and before I went into surgery Tuesday to have the tendon repaired.

That one is undefeated Georgia, who won at South Bend by a scant point. It’s the fourth spot that will cause the most gnashing of committee teeth, but Clemson wins out over Ohio State because the room has always believed that quality wins outweigh bad losses. At least, that’s what they say …

I’m rostering Antetokounmpo in a couple of leagues. It would take a lot to get me to consider moving him. Still, just about every supportive statistic — PER, usage rate, true shooting percentage — underscores that Antetokounmpo is playing at a historically unsustainable rate.

Either that or he’s about to set multiple NBA records.

There’s every chance Antetokounmpo ends the season at No. 1 overall on the Player Rater. But if someone comes at you with a crazy offer, you have to consider it. Right now, every fantasy enthusiast on the planet would molt at the prospect of rostering Antetokounmpo.

Kizer ran an option to the left side, and tried to outrun the defense to the sideline, then missed Isaiah Crowell with his pitch. Had he run it as called, the film showed he could’ve drawn the defense in, then pitched it to Crowell for an easy touchdown.