Hue Jackson wants you to know winning 1 game the last 2 years was not easy

Fresh off securing the second 0-16 season in NFL, Hue Jackson provided a quote that raised a lot of eyebrows. It also probably made a bunch of Browns fans sick.

Take it away, Hue!:

Three days before the Steelers played at Cincinnati on Monday Night Football in Week 13, Shazier walked into an otherwise empty defensive meeting room at 8:30 a.m. He settled into a leather chair in the front row, unleashed a waterfall of syrup upon a pile of French toast, cracked a lime sports drink and cued up film of a Week 7 game against the Bengals on a 20-foot-tall projection screen. Digging into his breakfast, he used his free hand to hit pause. “There,” he said, aiming a red laser pointer at running back Joe Mixon, jump-cutting from Shazier’s grasp. That’s how Mixon gets free—but this time Shazier would be ready.

This time. Those words would mean one thing on this random Friday morning, and something far more haunting three days later.

The film ran as Shazier finished his syrup soup. A reporter pointed out that 31 of 51 Super Bowls have been won by teams with top-five scoring defenses, and that the last time a No. 1 scoring offense prevailed was way back in 2009. (On this day Shazier’s D ranked fourth in scoring with 17.5 points per game; the offense, struggling, was 10th, at 22.6.) “Defense matters,” Shazier said. “And we haven’t even played truly great football yet. Like, I dropped three picks already this year.”

11. Yes, 32-year old Shannon Brown (Wisconsin Herd) and 33-year-old Kendrick Perkins (Canton Charge) are in the G-League, and so is 35-year-old Emeka Okafor (Delaware 87ers). Watching Perkins match up with 20-year-old Justin Patton on Wednesday was a trip to say the least. Imagine if Kendrick Perkins starred in Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

That is certainly possible, but is it the only outcome?did not look much like a first time starter throughout most of the , but rather held his own against some defenses known for getting to the quarterback like Arizona State and .the first four games, Jameis turned the ball over ten times.Very powerful,” said .

8. One example of that: on Friday, Moore has excelled for their Fort Wayne Mad Ants affiliate and won over many within the organization with his intelligent play and strong intangibles. Moore was undrafted out of SMU this season and is a prospect whose contributions don’t always translate directly to box-score stats. The Pacers were the first team to express interest and work him out last spring and are investing further in his development. He should have a chance to win a roster spot next season.

New Orleans media troll Panthers after Saints’ wild-card win

The Saints won their first home playoff game since 2012 on Sunday, and they did so at the expense of the NFC South-rival Panthers, whom they defeated three times this season.

In a group including Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, Smith is a graybeard, a 12-year veteran who turns 34 in May. They were collectively untouchable in the first half Saturday. But Kelce was lost to his concussion in the second half, Hunt barely touched the ball, Hill became invisible, and one of the most explosive units in the game got shut out and sputtered to 61 second-half yards. As much as the Titans defense deserves credit, the Chiefs failed from disuse and misuse.

We’ve got a long way to go, a lot of work to do, and we’re anxious to get after it.

The Giants (3-13), who ended the season with an 18-10 win over the Redskins, will pick second overall while the Colts (4-12) have the third pick. The Broncos (5-11), Osweiler’s current team, will select fifth.

But any good feelings the coaches may have had after the game sure didn’t show up in their postgame exchange.

It’s not the first time Payton has had a hard time controlling his temper this season. He made a choking motion at Devonta Freeman right before the Saints choked their Week 14 game away to the Falcons. And Payton may well have cost his team the win in that one by drawing a flag for charging a ref on the field, which earned him a $10,000 fine.

It’ll be worth keeping an eye on the postgame handshake when these teams meet up next season.

Even if it was acknowledged by officials, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were willing to let something like that go by in a big playoff game like this one. Though Pouncey’s looks a little more obvious than Lynch’s did.

Before the injury, Brown was on his way to a potential MVP campaign. Despite playing just 14 games, he still led the NFL with 1,533 receiving yards and reached 100 catches for the fifth straight season. His impeccable chemistry with Ben Roethlisberger makes him possibly the most dangerous receiver in the game, and an irreplaceable cog in the Steelers’ offense.

Against the Redskins, back in Week 10, their work spoke for itself. Early in the second quarter, Thielen caught a linebacker napping over the middle, cut hard into space and gained 38. EHH! AHH! POW! Five plays later, third-and-goal from the Washington three-yard line, Diggs sprung into the flat for his fifth of eight TDs this season. He celebrated by mimicking an airplane and jump-hugging the goal post, drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct flag. Thielen, of course, provided backup, protesting to an official: “He accidentally ran into the pole!”patriots_081_56db8390e57a5f16-180x180

NFL, NFLPA to investigate Panthers’ concussion evaluation of Cam Newton

The NFL and NFLPA have launched an official review to determine whether the Panthers properly followed an updated concussion protocol with quarterback Cam Newton during Sunday’s NFC wild-card game game against the Saints, according to multiple reports

Panthers officials maintained Monday that Newton, following instructions from the sideline, took a knee so backup QB Derek Anderson could get warmed up.

The Steelers are 12-2 all-time at home in the Divisional Round of the playoffs, the best record in the league (min. five games). Additionally, they are 5-1 at home in the postseason since the 2008 season, the second-best record in the NFL in that time (min. five games).

The Jaguars won four road games this season. They won five between 2013 and 2016. Jacksonville has lost five of its last six road playoff games, though the one win came in Pittsburgh.

From the meeting rooms to the practice field, the Senior Bowl experience lets us see how these prospects work and prepare in a competitive environment.

A week before the Senior Bowl will be the East-West Shrine Game and the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. While those are the three marquee games, the Dream Bowl and HBCU Spirit Bowl in Virginia Beach, and the Tropical Bowl in Daytona Beach provide other opportunities for NFL hopefuls to make one last impression.

Vernon Shazier told WPXI that his son is improving.

He’s making progress daily, he said. He’s a long way from where he was on Monday night.

On whether Ryan Shazier is walking yet: I don’t want to go into it a whole lot, his father said.

The Steelers have not elaborated on the surgery Ryan Shazier underwent, or his prognosis. But outside analysts have said if it involved a fusion procedure, full recovery could take up to six months.

Dozens of cameras, two miles of fences, 100 police dogs: How Super Bowl security will look:
Hosting a Super Bowl isn’t just a one-day affair for public safety. Stringent security will begin Jan. 26, with slight increases through Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 4, a full 10-day operational period.

Friends say he has not even discussed the draft with them. Even his house is divided. His father, fearing injury before his son signs his first contract, would prefer he go. His mother, holding fast to the vision of a Fitzpatrick in a mortar board, believes he will never earn his degree if he leaves. “We’ll continue to argue,” she says.

As it turns out, McDaniel’s wife wasn’t going into labor — she just had a stomach bug, but confused the bug for labor pains. Unfortunately for McDaniel, he ended up leaving the game after injuring his left leg anyway.

NFL playoffs: Picks, predictions for 2018 divisional round

Three NFL head coaches have won 36 games in the postseason.

That tie can be broken this weekend.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick can move ahead of former Cowboys coach Tom Landry and former Colts and Dolphins coach Don Shula if New England beats the Titans on Saturday.

The Bills couldn’t have expected Bortles would rely on his legs as much as Taylor usually does. Gains of 20 and 12 yards just before halftime put Jacksonville in position for a 44-yard Josh Lambo field goal that tied the score at 3-3.

Which brings us back to that drawer in the kitchen. In it you’ll find Airhead Bites, Xtreme Airhead Sour Belts, regular-sized Airheads and mini Airheads—every flavor except Watermelon, because that’s Kamara’s favorite and he’s already eaten all of them. Earlier this year the company saw a picture of the star rookie with a handful of their product—which has always been his preferred candy—and reached out on Twitter to ask if they could send him a care package. Now Kamara reiterates that nothing has changed in his life this year—other than the Airheads.

Like most famous people, Kamara has received offers for other free things. A protein drink company has sent him several cases, unsolicited, which he keeps in the corner of his kitchen and says he needs to donate or get rid of, because he doesn’t drink that protein shake and refuses to endorse a product he doesn’t use. That wouldn’t be organic. That wouldn’t be Kamara. Neither would taking the free cars that several dealerships have offered. Or the yacht that one fan on Twitter said he’d give him. “Even if I wanted a boat,” Kamara says, “what the f— am I going to do with a boat right now?”

Thompson became the Packers general manager in 2005, and drafted most of the core players on the team like star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, HaHa Clinton-Dix, and Clay Matthews III.

Under Thompson, Green Bay has been to the playoffs nine times and won Super Bowl XLV against the Pittsburgh Steelers in February 2011. Thompson is one of the main reasons why the Packers have been one of the most successful teams for almost a decade.

Thanks to the catch, the Eagles were able to get one more pass to Alshon Jeffery down the field and get a 53-yard field goal to end the half.

While it wasn’t a pretty half for Nick Foles, he completed 11 of 15 passes for 101 yards. It was truly the first bounce that went the Eagles’ way after a pair of lost fumbles and a missed extra point following their first touchdown of the game.

The Eagles would go into the half down 10-9, givings us the most interesting end to a half by far.

In the wake of the string of arrests related to the FBI’s investigation into fraud in college basketball recruiting, there was a common refrain in media coverage and discussions of the subject: Coaches around the country must be shaking in their boots. But this past week made it clear many of them had another reaction: They were ticked off.patriots_002_f174cdaf1d0e1cef-180x180

Are games going to really be that much less competitive?

Last Sunday against the Raiders, Geno Smith was 21-of-34 for 212 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions (89.3 QBR). Manning’s season average? Twenty-two-of-36 for 219 yards, one touchdown and one interception (84.1 QBR). At least in a one-game window, Smith made you just as competitive and did not force Manning onto the field behind a substandard offensive line.

The Giants never scored more than 30 points in the McAdoo era. Not once. They’ve scored 15 or fewer points five times already this season.

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The 23rd overall pick of the 2015 draft opened some eyes last season, notching four goals and an assist in nine games. He’s kept that pace going this season, leading all rookies with 20 goals, and he had a hat trick during a four-point game against Pittsburgh on Nov. 4.

Boeser became the fastest Vancouver rookie to reach 20 goals, doing it in 34 games, and he’s one of the favorites to win the Calder Trophy, awarded to the league’s top rookie.

He also played for the United States at the 2005 World Championship and the 2006 and 2009 IIHF World Championship.They usually keep three on the roster, we’ll if former basketball Swoope can make the jump to active status.Using that same cutoff, his 154 + ranks first – his numbers would have looked great just about any , but they look especially the highest-scoring since the 1930s – as does his total of five seasons with + of at least 200 .Though he was dislodged from the first line where he began on Friday, Scherbak is still seeing plenty of ice time, and both of his assists came on power-play goals.

It’s important to remember that terHorst came from a generation of reporters whose background was a great deal closer to the people who read his newspaper.The Patriots offense even though everybody sort of set what they do.This comes limited playing time so take it with a grain of salt but it is still an impressive stat.O’, a veteran of three CEO roles, has now joined BONESUPPORT AB as General Manager and Executive Vice President, North American Commercialization.bears_016-223x223

Former teammates O’Neal, Pau Gasol, Robert Horry and Derek Fisher also reflected on playing with Bryant in video messages.

“All the years I’ve been playing here, the child inside of me has never left,” Bryant said, joking that he was a “kid so young you had to burp him before practice” when he arrived in LA as an 18-year-old rookie. “One of the first things I did when I walked into the Forum, it was dimly lit, and I looked up to see the jerseys. Before every game, I made it a point to glance up there to remind me what I was playing for, how I got here, and what it is we’re playing for. …To be a part of that wall means everything to me.”

During the game, the Lakers aired video tributes from Lakers coach Luke Walton, assistant coach Brian Shaw, and a host of current players, including Lonzo Ball, Brook Lopez, Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma. “Can you imagine a future Laker trying to put on one of those jerseys? It wouldn’t look right,” Walton said. “It wouldn’t feel right.”

Messages of congratulations from rival players and coaches—?including Kevin Garnett, Doc Rivers, Gilbert Arenas, Gregg Popovich and Carmelo Anthony – were also displayed on the Jumbotron. “His mentality was kill or be killed,” Anthony said. “And if you were prey, he was coming for you.”

O’Neal, who teamed with Bryant to win three consecutive titles from 2000 to 2002 before being traded to the Heat, hailed Bryant’s supreme self-confidence and said that their love-hate pairing “was fun while it lasted.” Bryant shared on-court embraces with O’Neal, Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, Allen Iverson and former Lakers trainer Gary Vitti, among many others.

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Shot by squad, with three goals and eight points seven .believes his flexibility could mesh well with what the Redskins want to do, too.I not only lost her, I lost direction, I lost a lot of dreams, she said.chargers_132

The Packers get starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers back for Sunday’s game against the Panthers.

While the Packers (7-6) hope Rodgers can get the Packers to the playoffs, it won’t be easy with the next two games against the Panthers and Vikings, who have top-five defenses.

The Jaguars defense has flown under the radar a bit, but it has been one of the NFL’s most dominant units. Jacksonville has an NFL-best 30 takeaways and its plus-14 turnover differential leads the league, too. The Jaguars lead the NFL by nearly two full points in scoring defense and their league-best 47 sacks is six more than the next-closest team. The Jags are also second in total defense and could take over the top spot against the offensively challenged Texans.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson can not only help his team complete a season sweep of the Rams to take a leg up in the NFC West, but he can put his name in the NFL record book, too. One touchdown pass and only 18 rushing yards should be easily achievable against a Rams defense that is 28th against the run and has allowed 30 or more points three times this season.

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is 2-0 as the 49ers starter and gets to face a Titans team that has struggled on the road. Tennessee lost in Arizona last week and is just 3-4 on the road. Among those road defeats, the Titans gave up 57 points to the Texans and 40 to the Steelers.

He would rather get cut and be a widow for the browns?Who do you have on your cut watch list?Over the course of the next few weeks, we take a look at the men fighting for those spots on the 2016 New England Patriots.

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Staying healthy could become Anzalone’s biggest key to a , productive NFL career.I know it’s hard on the offensive line.His work the classroom and on the football field led to offer from the University of Notre Dame.That’s what the president did here.

This season, Nyquist is casting doubt on his coach’s analysis.

When Gustav Nyquist scored a career-low 12 goals for the Red Wings last season, coach Jeff Blashill downplayed his concern, insisting that Nyquist was a playmaker who’d been miscast early in his career as a potent goal scorer.

Nyquist scored twice, Jimmy Howard made 37 saves and Detroit beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1 on Sunday night. Nyquist now has 12 goals this season after only getting four by New Year’s Day last season.

The NWHL All- weekend takes place Feb.order to inherit his fed up father’s hotel empire, immature and lazy must repeat grades 1 all over again.Goal by Despres – Stars : 2 – Predators : 1.At the halfway he was on pace for 20 and he’s slumped since.If not promptly treated the acute stages, the disease can progress and become fatal.’s failed three drug tests as years, which casts his NFL future doubt.He does have 272 yards his career which works his favor for keeping a spot with the Broncos the future.And the high-sailing Pittsburgh Steelers managed a playoff win without ever finding the end zone.It had been reported that he might not play ball his homeland and instead would begin college and study engineering.You have to be a very high IQ player.

Former Red Wings C Riley Sheahan played his first game in Detroit since he was traded to the Penguins on Oct. 21. “They’ve been great to me, everybody in the organization has been great to me,” Sheahan said of his time with the Wings. “It’s good seeing some old faces and catching up with them.” … RW Anthony Mantha (groin), who leads the Wings with 13 goals, participated in the morning skate but missed his second straight game.

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Houston coach Mike D’Antoni said it’s too early to tell the severity of Harden’s injury.

“Yeah, we lost our horse,” Chris Paul said after scoring 15 of his 28 points in the two overtimes. Paul, in his first year with the Rockets, added that shouldering the scoring load is “nothing new” for him in his career.

“I don’t think we’ll know [more] until [Monday],” D’Antoni said. “I don’t think they’ll be able to assess it until [Monday] morning.”

Harden has missed a total of two regular-season games over the previous three seasons combined. He has played in all of the Rockets’ 35 games this season.

Randy Moss, wide receiver (1998-2004, 2010 Minnesota Vikings, 2005-06 Oakland Raiders, 2007-2010 New England Patriots, 2010 Tennessee Titans, 2012 San Francisco 49ers) Moss finished his career with 982 catches, for 15,292 yares and 156 touchdown receptions. He led the NFL in TD receptions in five seasons.

Noel Acciari, David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron also scored for the Bruins, 5-1 winners over the Senators on Wednesday night in Boston. Rask had his second shutout of the season and 40th overall.

“We took over the game,” Rask said. “Their chances came early and that’s it. We scored more and we always played the same way and that’s great to see. Going ahead that has to continue because that’s going to reward us in the future.”

Mike Condon stopped 29 shots for the Senators. Ottawa was shut out five times in December, going 4-8-2 in the month. The Senators have been outscored 14-6 in their past three games.

“It’s stupidity and frustration,” Senators forward Mark Stone said. “We put ourselves in terrible spots when you look at the goals that they’re scoring. We’re putting ourselves in terrible situations.”

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